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Why this site to expose sex crimes?

First of all, because God hates deception, abuse and lies. He hates corrupt power taking advantage of the vulnerable. Secondly, a common thread among victims of sexual violence in conservative religious settings is that they had no safe place to tell. Many (not all) leaders tend to protect fellow leaders and church image. Even when multiple victims come forward, information is carefully guarded so no one holds all the pieces. Going to law enforcement is forbidden, and later victims often say, "If there had been just one safe place to tell what happened, I would have spoken out sooner." Now you have it. 

A safe place to tell...

On this site you will be able to fill out a form to disclose the abuse you or someone close to you suffered at the hands of Anabaptist leaders. Abusers and church leaders will not be given any information, nor will any information be posted publicly through our site or our team. Before allegations are made public, victims will be consulted. We are fighting for justice for victims, to give back their voices, for truth to be revealed, and crimes against the vulnerable to end. Ultimately, we believe that this is a key step in showing victims that God is fighting for them...  He has not forgotten them... And Jesus is on their side. 

A church leader abused you... Now what?

Ephesians 5:13 (NKJV)

"But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light...." God hates hidden sin! (See also Joshua 7) Church leaders who hide and commit sexual abuse perpetuate the crimes. This includes pastors, deacons, bishops, school teachers, Sunday school teachers, group home support staff, and any other leadership roles (male and female) affiliated within the church. These crimes and cover-ups needs to stop! Information you send will be updated regularly, and password protected. After two or more allegations are made against one leader, we will contact contributors to inform you of this (your name will not be shared with other contributors), and we will seek permission to begin appropriate processes based on the information.


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Behind Our Pulpits


All information regarding or involving minors will immediately be turned over to appropriate authorities, whether self-reporting or reported on behalf of victims. All other information will be handled responsibly and within the confines of the law. We comply with the laws of the region in which crimes are alleged to have taken place. Allegations do not prove guilt, and lack of proof does not make an alleged offender innocent. We are not responsible for false allegations. We will do Due diligence to guard against leaking information (which will be not be stored on this site). A team member found guilty of sharing information will be removed immediately. Appropriate authorities will be granted access to information as requested or necessary for legal purposes.